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Attendance Management

Monitor Your Employees Daily Attendance


GPS Location


Smart Attendance

Clock-in and clock-out with options to use camera/selfie and GPS location. Keje also includes attendance remarks, custom company message and health declaration. 

Complete Attendance Reports

Save your time on monitoring your employees with complete attendance reporting. Effortless view attendance time, late clock-in, early clock-out, break time and total hours all in one place. Plus, you can export your attendance data to files or just simply print it out.

Straightforward Shift Management

Simply plan staff shifts and monitor hours worked. Organise and manage your employees’ work schedules with simple steps.

Overtime Claims

Employees can claim overtimes and the overtime rate is automatically calculated in the system based on the company settings.

Included Awesome Features

Attendance Records

Get the better views on employees' attendance records on working total hours, late, early leaving calculations and more.

Payroll Management

Easily calculate and generate payroll with EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and overtime calculations included.

Leave Management

View, approve or reject leave applications from employees with ease.

Claim Management

View, approve or reject claim applications from employees with ease.​

Company Calendar

View and create events and holidays on calendar.

Employees Management

Manage employees' data such as personal details, educations and work experiences in one place.

Documents Management

Manage and download company documents.

Company Announcement

Make announcement throughout company for all branches, departments or selected employees.

Meeting Management

Organise meetings for employees and store the meeting-related documents in one place.

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